Spatial Operations is a showcase of creative work by multi-disciplinary designer and front-end developer Daniel Snider. I do visual design that delivers beautiful products across various digital formats, dynamic infographics, brand identity, and environmental graphics. My professional work also includes web development, 2D animation, and print design.

Spatial Operations as a name is derived from the unique design exercises to each medium of creativity that define space. My work gives shape to an environment, a mission, an identity, a message and/or a product.


abstract vector background behind case study preview
TThe Pillyr Foundation website preview

The Pillyr Foundation


Branding, design, and web development for this nonprofit organization focused on improving public space in the city of Atlanta.

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TDonorgraphics preview



Using donor data collected by agency One & All, these infographics were designed to communicate changes to annual donor behavior. A One & All agency project.

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TOlivecrest preview


Olivecrest helps at-risk children that lack a safe home. Efforts focused on website design that covered the needs of each organization chapter. A One & All agency project.

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Who I have worked with? Here are some clients and employers.

More Projects

Beltline Rail Now promo image

Beltline Rail Now

This Atlanta-based transit advocacy group aims to shape the narrative of investment priorities towards a generational project that could impact millions and ease regional traffic congestion.

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Tax law vector image showing calculator and tax prep items

One & All Tax Infographic


This project was created to inform One & All clients how to understand new tax law changes that were passed by Congress to take effect the following year.

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Low-poly cover image for grizzard branding



Grizzard Communications Group was a fundraising agency under the Omnicom umbrella. In 2016, the agency was in need of a rebrand of its visual identity system and I was tasked with that responsibility.

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Homeless man cover image to Salvation Army projects

The Salvation Army


Various assets from digital to print designed for various commands in The Salvation Army. Created during my time at One & All / Grizzard.

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Phoenix rescue mission cover image showing piggy bank donation graphic

Phoenix Rescue Mission

A handful of assets from digital to print media designed for Phoenix Rescue Mission. Created during my time at One & All / Grizzard.

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Fred hutch microscopic cell graphic cover

Fred Hutch


Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center provides lifesaving cancer treatment and research to eliminate cancer and related diseases that cause human suffering and death. Created at One & All / Grizzard.

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Image of third issue cover for cue la musique magazine

Cue La Musique Zine


Cue La Musique Magazine was a digital music magazine based in Atlanta GA from 2014 to 2015. Three magazine issues were released with design and editorial direction led by yours truly.

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