Infographic Composition

In 2010, a leader in nonprofit fundraising called Grizzard Communications Group began an annual series named Donorgraphics to communicate to the philanthropic world how donors change their behavior year over year. In 2015, I selected by the agency to be its main designer for the series, delivering three years of content that distills data pages of data and copy into a visual narrative that one could follow. After its merger with Russ Reid, the new agency One & All continued this practice. I produced the 2015 through 2017 editions.


    Visual Design

    Data Visualization

Design & Dev Tools



For each Donorgraphics edition, I was given a four (4) page Word document containing the copy and donor data. The creative briefs included:

  • RGB format / sized for Donorgraphics website
  • Theme each annual edition based on trending data
  • Graphically communicate the data using an appropriate chart
  • Design section transitions to the overall narrative
  • Avoid images and stick to vector art


2015 marked noticeable trends with device adoption and how donors chose to give based on the devices they own. The following year, generational shifts in donor behavior and the adoption of new giving platforms resulted in a significant trend that became a major highlight in the 2016 edition of Donorgraphics. Following changes in Washington, new trends in 2017 emerged as post-election responses by younger generations led to larger donations in support of at-risk institutions and liberties. To see my contributions (2015-2017) to this project at its source, please visit