Seeking projects selectively

Storyteller. Strategist. Craftsman. I thrive when faced with design challenges. My ranging experience over the last decade and my foundational education in architecture has given me a strategic approach to each problem and the capacity to do many design tasks well. It is a fact, however, that some of my abilities are above the rest.

You're likely here for my...

UI / UX Design
Product Design
Web Development
Brand Strategy / Visual Identity
Infographic Design
Magazine / Book Design

Here is where my talents shine. My recent experience in an agency environment as art director, outside design consultancy, and current education efforts have empowered my ability to deliver exceptional work with the above services.

I also enjoy creating...

2D / SVG Animations
Environmental Graphics
Packing Design
Merchandise Design

These may not be my bread and butter but I have experience and enjoy these unique design challenges.

On occasion, I do design...

Email Templates
Web / Social Advertising
Marketing Collateral
Static Visualizations
Other Print Design Assets

This depends on the project and/or if it is part of an integrated design scope.

I am definitely not a...

Digital Marketer
Social Media Guru
SEO Specialist
3D Animator

When such expertise is needed for a project, I work with some great professionals that can provide the above services.

Do you have a great project in needs of a creative consultant with my skillset? Reach out today!

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